Saturday, 25 August 2012


              What’s happening in our country these days? Communal riots everywhere. Why in Assam, why in Bareily, why in Bangalore, why in Mumbai? Even Amar Jawan Jyoti lost its respect. Why? Why are Indians from North-East are being threatened that they are fleeing cities like Pune, Bangalore, Hydrabad? Even Buddha statue in Lucknow was not spared apart. Why?
             It’s high time now. Think. Communal violence is raising its head again. And this time, I suppose it’s even worse than Babri Masjid controversy of early 90s.
             And what the government is doing? They are trying to evade taking responsibility of this chaos by blaming Pakistan. Is Pakistan really responsible for this? Think..!
             In contrast, the false visuals of Muslims being tortured and killed in Assam and Myanmar are the crop of Pakistan and spread across India through social networking.
             They may be true. But the real question is: Do that justifies the public rape of lady constables, to harm the Amar Jawan Jyoti, mercilessly attacking people from North-East? Think..!
             My Muslim brothers, you are living in a secular country. INDIA..! Why are you all getting so much hyper over the harassment of Muslims in Myanmar? Where was every concerned soul when Buddhist girl was being raped? When her people were killed?
             Instead, why not protesting against miseries of Muslims in Syria?  Why not saying anything against the slaughtering of Shias in Pakistan? Why is Kasaab still alive? Why certain Muslim NGOs are supporting him? Why Muslims had demonstrated against the execution of Osama-Bin-Laden? Wasn’t he an international terrorist?
             The point of even more concern is that, is there any shortage of real problems that Muslims face in India, while they remain one of the most economically marginalised sections of the society?
             There is no shortage of blindly Hindu supporting wings and groups in India and they are now shouting out loud that Muslims are more concerned about their religion than the country. The followers of hatred of all communities sow thorns and poor innocent people become victims.
              Muslim leaders have always provoked Indian Muslims to stand solidarity with world-wide Muslims. Okay, it’s perfectly fine. But when you keep doing this, and keep silent when other communities face the same harassment, then that’s not done. You are truly portraying yourself as communal.
              And also it is incorrect to keep on repeating that Islam is in danger. It’s almost the greatest religion of the whole world. Probably, not a single country in the whole world is there where the population has actually declined. And a sad fact has come to front that a huge number of Muslims are being killed over the matters of faith and religion by their own fellow Muslims.
            It’s all the dirty politics, the fact being that so called secular parties is more eager in continuing the exploitation of Muslims as vote-banks. And the so-called Muslim leaders continue to fill Indian Muslims as being separate and portraying them as victims. Now Indian Muslims should say a stern NO to these purveyors of victimhood.
            I strongly believe that these so-called Muslim leaders should pay more attention to issues which are really meant to be concerned about like education, employment, economic security, and health and sanitary.
              I agree to the fact that in India, all the marginalised and weaker sections are treated badly, whether it be Muslims, Dalits, Tribals or poor farmers. So my Muslim brothers, please don’t fall prey to this wrong propaganda that only Muslims are being discriminated. The answer to your burning questions can only be Empowerment. And empowerment can only be brought through EDUCATION. South Indian Muslims are better than North Indian ones, financially, just because of this reason only. Imagine a Muslim revolution in demand of better educational facilities. Wouldn’t that be a sight?
             My dear Muslim brothers, OUR India is an ever embracing, though ofcourse, with its woes. So when you fight, then also fight for the REAL causes of concern like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc, and also for the same, get unite with other weaker and marginalised sections and make a real common front rather than a religious front that spreads aggressive threats. It’s now time to decide where you are and where you want to go.
 With love and regards to my Muslim brothers
From the pen of a Secular Indian.
Love you all..!

Saturday, 12 May 2012


                  And I don't have any grudges, any complaints or reproach from you what-so-ever. I  know you must be wondering 'why' after whatever happened between us.

               I've my reasons.

               Yes I was devastated. Yes I was shattered. My eyes were desolated of dreams, my heart was a haunted house.

                But when it's all blind, love was always kind. Yes, it does offers reasons to leave life, but the same it does to live life.

                I never stopped loving you. You were always with me, in me. Not a single hour of these eight months passed when I didn't think of you, when i didn't feel you, when I didn't fall in love, even more.

                So what if you were no where found, you were always in me. Whenever I ride my bike, I feel you in the breeze going into my lungs. Whenever i drink juice, I feel you exchanging the glasses. Whenever I smoke, you share it with me. Whenever I made pegs, i felt you snatching the bottle and gulping it neat. Whenever I'm insomniac, I hug my pillow and feel you cuddling me cozy. Whenever I see cartoon movies, I hear your "Aw's". Whenever the door opens, I hear you paws. Whenever I hear Rihanna/Shakira, I see you swaying your body in the most provocative possible way. Whenever I come across naughty fat kids, I see you teasing them. Whenever my phone rings, I assume it's you. Whenever I see couples, you clutch my arms. Whenever my lips are dry, I feel you sloppy ones on them. Chocolates are always special as they went from mouth to mouth. And yeah, not to reveal though, but whenever I'm horny, I feel you raising my testosterone taking me higher into fantasies. You are always so near while cherishing our cherished Enrique's songs. I've trapped those wonderful times somewhere in my heart. Yes I have. I find you in my every smile and tear.


                            You know, I used to feel 'yuck' when you sipped black coffee. But now I love it coz I feel your aroma in its vapours. Same goes with curd and butter-milk.

                          After you left me, I'd stopped eating chicken coz you were strictly vegetarian and I was pathetic non-veg. But once it happened, I ate it again on friend's extreme insistence and swears and guess what, I loved it coz I again heard your browbeats for being an animal, a demon. And since then, I never thought of leaving it again as it connects me with you.

                             It was after you left, i learned to feel the music, the nature, the rain, the birds, the sky and the divine rhythm within. In quest of searching you, I found myself.
                             And you ask me to find someone and fall in love again??

'Love'! Is it that easy to find someone? Sorry, but I can't do it just because you want me to. It has to happen on its own accord. It has to hit us; make us spin topsy-turvy. Just like it did when I met YOU, when you met ME. Whatever happened between us, it was beautiful. I like this pain. This pain made me a better person (I suppose).
                          Yes, at times it pains. Then what helps is shedding of few tear or a few bottles of beer. I learned to revelry on the boulevard of broken dreams. And still I'm learning. And i never lost hope.

                                                             Ajeeb daastaan hai ye,
                                                             kaha shuru kaha khatam,
                                                             ye manzile hain kaun si,
                                                             Na vo samajh sake na hum......
                          I got separated from you, for you. So that you can be with the one you wanted then. But I never stopped loving you. When you were with me, then I loved you. When you decided to leave, then too I loved you. When I tried hardest and begged you to come back, then too I loved you. When your fate annoyed; you suffered extreme trauma, grief and mourning, and I led out my hand to hold you, then too I loved you. When you got together with someone else.......... then too.*sigh*. When things got worst between us and we even lost communication, then too I loved you. I experienced a new form of love altogether, The Unconditional One. And still today I love you, with every broken piece of my heart........ Truely madly deeply.

                         I can go on writing this on and on but I've to sum it up, coz you may feel drowsy if someday you read this. So in the end all I would say is,,

                                                             I loved you then,
                                                             I love you still,
                                                             I always have,
                                                             I always will,
                                                             till the end of sun's flame,
                                                             for 'YOU BEING THE DEAREST PART OF ME.......
                                                    the asset of your name'
                                                             :) :)