Wednesday, 30 January 2013

So this it... The poem weaved by me which got selected to be published in the next edition of INFINITY magazine...! :)

                        LIFE MUST GO ON

The serene tune which besots our heart,
the monstrous fire which burns the corps,
the world will keep on moving with dart,
oh man, just sing the song of life on horse.

The life should never stop.
The life must go on.

The sun provokes the water,
to become clouds and give us life props,
and the air keeps on unfolding and scatter,
the youth of fluttering green crops.

And thus it becomes a full circle.
The life must go on.

The veil of a new bride blazons her beauty,
the babies will be born again,
the anklet of mother cherishes her duty,
and their bleat will horn again.

In all this hustles and twists and turns,
the life must go on.
The life must go on...!                                                                                                                      

  © Pratham Devang

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